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Project audit with exhaustive comments, best practices and suggestions for improvement


Custom presentations, training material or demo to improve proficiency.

Software architecture & Development

Application architecture suggestion (sketch or coded mock-up), development of specific software components.

From Core Design...

Keywords: Architecture diagram, architecture sample

Starting a new project from a clean sheet can be a challenge, and that's why it's easier to keep using the same base code: colleagues end up being familiar with it, it may answer most needs, developers can easily get started, share their code whenever needed. Unfortunately, not all problems share the same solution!

The LabVIEW Lab can create or adapt an architecture to fit your project needs and your skills. This architecture can only be a set of diagrams so that you can get a clearer view of how to drive the project to success. It can also be a representation of this diagram(s) in LabVIEW so you can get the code structures that will host your application. As a building architect does not build your house, TLVLab will not develop the whole app for you.

...To Feature Development...

Keywords: Development Assistance, library, UI, class

TLVLab may not develop complete applications and deliver turn-key systems, but our DNA is to assist our customers. Sometimes, the development of a specific module, library, class proves to be overwhelming. With a well-defined scope, this can become a win-win situation: we take care of the development of this feature for you while you can light-heartedly move on with the rest of your application.

...Or UI Design

Keywords: UI/UX, Ergonomy, Menus, Graphics, Custom Controls

Designing modern UIs (we're talking about 2020s UIs here) in LabVIEW may sometimes be frustruating and take a tremendeous amount of time. Let us provide you with our expertise in crafting beautiful UIs for you using a mix of community packages and homemade controls and UX mechanics so that your LabVIEW app looks like anything but that LabVIEW app. Because UI design in LabVIEW is often bound to the code logic, we advise you to combine architecture and UI services to get the best results.

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