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Project audit with exhaustive comments, best practices and suggestions for improvement


Custom presentations, training material or demo to improve proficiency.

Software architecture & Development

Application architecture suggestion (sketch or coded mock-up), development of specific software components.

Learning & Self-Improving

Keywords: LabVIEW training, custom material, demo, presentation

It's always interesting to learn something. And because a programming language isn't easy to master, there's always room for improvements. No matter if you need a quick introduction to the language, or strive to know everything about a particular theme in LabVIEW, The LabVIEW Lab can certainly help you get to the next level with short trainings, presentations, or demos. The material will always be customized to your needs, and will be as complete as possible.

What's included?

Here is a (totally) non-exhaustive list of topics that can be covered by TLVLab:

  • Object-Oriented Programming: basics, patterns, popular packages and practices

  • Scripting: How VI and Project scripting helps automate most of you LabVIEW environment

  • Performance: How LabVIEW executes your code, tips to improve execution speed and memory, profiling tools

  • UI: Stop making grey-ish LabVIEW front panels (such as this website) and start crafting sexy, complex UIs

  • Code integration: .NET, Python, DLLs... How LabVIEW can work side by side with other applications or frameworks.

If you need a broader and more generic LabVIEW training, we can only suggest you to contact NI or an NI alliance partner.

The training session fee is time-based for an attendance up to 6 people. Preparation may be included in the price depending on the topic to be covered. Static material from the training session is shared with the attendees (pdf of presentation, sample code...).Af

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