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All the LabVIEW.ini Treasures You Were Looking For

A great deal of secret options and features are hidden in the *.ini file that you can find next to the LabVIEW.exe file in Program Files, or next to your custom LabVIEW application. However, because they are supposed to be secret, there is no documentation about the keys to add to these files. Then a long learning journey starts for the LabVIEW developer, reading the NI forums, learning from your peers or browsing any other valuable resource where you can find the one useful key you need to address your specific issue or to make your development experience more comfortable. Needless to say that it may cause some frustration on the way...

So, I decided that I'd make this journey shorter for you: here is my gift, a few days before Christmas, a compilation of 20 tokens amongst the most used and useful to add to your ini files. Of course, there are more (hundreds of tokens): some that I can't reveal —too dangerous and/or powerful—, and so many that are not worth mentioning. Start with these tokens below, I hope they'll make 2018 happier for you :)

Disclaimer: Most of these tokens have not been thoroughly tested and validated by NI R&D. Use them at your own risk. NI or I may not be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of the tokens below.

Labview.ini (in Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW <20xx>)

<YourApp>.ini (file sitting next to an executable file generated by LabVIEW)

If I'm totally missing other useful tokens, feel free to post a comment, I'll be glad to add your contribution to the list if it makes sense (read the disclaimer again for unwanted tokens)!

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